Welcome to Scarlett Manor

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Why Choose Scarlett Manor?

Deep Connection with the Natural World

Living on a farm offers a unique and fulfilling experience that reconnects individuals with nature, fosters a sense of self-sufficiency, and provides a serene and balanced lifestyle.

Naturally Grown Produce

Local agriculture sustains vibrant communities. That’s why we’ve incorporated farmland on the Red Barn campus. Our farmers produce crops without relying on chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or practices that degrade the soil, water or other natural resources. 

Farm Delivery

It doesn’t get much fresher than this! Order produce through our online store, select a delivery or pickup location and have fresh goodies harvested and ready for you that week!

Rotational Farming & Grazing

Crop rotation includes growing different crops in the same area for sequenced seasons to increase soil fertility and reduce erosion. Sustainable farming techniques like these promote and protect the environment—causes near and dear to our hearts.

True Farm to Table

Living at Red Barn means you have direct access to locally grown produce. How’s that for closing the farm-to-table gap? We encourage you to take part in this farm-centric community and get to know your farmers.

Nature’s Breathtaking Landscapes

Trails are captivating pathways that wind through nature’s breathtaking landscapes, offering a chance to immerse oneself in the beauty of the outdoors. Each step reveals a new discovery, from towering trees whispering their ancient tales to delicate wildflowers adorning the path’s edges.